How To Get Rid Floating Dresser

Wall Mounted Floating Dresser

When your floating dresser has a bad smell in it, your clothes and other items will pick up smells if they do not cause bad odors. The first thing you should do is empty the boxes and wash the contents. Then, if you find, still smell-perhaps from milk, sunken or new wood, laundry soap, bag drawer or spilled perfume-work on the drawers to eliminate odors. If smells penetrate wood in a chest of drawers, they will be harder to eliminate.


Use white bread and white vinegar. They will neutralize odor from floating dresser. Place a slice of white bread in a small deep bowl and sliced ​​bread with white wine vinegar. Place the bowl inside the smelly box and allow it to sit for 24 hours. Use a bowl that is deep enough so that vinegar will not spread when you open the box. Try the newspaper. Top the newspaper to fill the entire space for the box. The newspaper will absorb odors and get rid of them. Replace the newspaper every third day. This can take up to two weeks to be effective.

Try the cutter chip. Cedar and tall shavings can be effective in getting rid of smells from your drawers. Place the chips in bowls and put them in the drawers. The wood chips will reduce odor and absorb moisture. Moisture often causes bad odors. Use charcoal. Wood charcoal effectively absorbs smells. Place some pieces of charcoal into small bowls and place them in the drawers. Allow coal to sit for 24 hours and then check to see if smells are gone. If not, let it go for a day.

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